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Photo Exhibition:“The BACKSTAGE of Tourism”

Flyer Fotoausstellung

Verlängerter Einsendeschluss!!

Neuer Einsendeschluss für den Fotowettbewerb - The Backstage of Tourism

ist der 15.05.04 !!

Call for entries extended!!

New deadline for the Photo Exhibition - The BACKSTAGE of Tourism

15th of May, 2004.


Schon mal hinter die Kulissen des Tourismus geblickt?

Den Schrank voll mit Urlaubs-Bildern? Nehmen Sie teil an unserer Fotoausstellung The Backstage of Tourism. Statt Schnappschüssen von „Urlaubs-Paradiesen“ sucht FernWeh – Forum Tourismus & Kritik Fotografien, die unterschiedliche Perspektiven auf Menschen, Orte und Situationen präsentieren. Gesucht werden insbesondere Fotografien, die die Auswirkungen des Tourismus und das Verhältnis zwischen Reisenden und Bereisten reflektieren.

Die besten 15 – 20 Fotos stellt FernWeh in einer Wanderausstellung mit Begleitkatalog der Üffentlichkeit vor. Die prämierten FotografInnen erhalten Geldpreise oder Fotoausrüstung.

call for entries as pdf-download

Are you interested in discovering the backstage of tourism?

And do you like taking photographs? Why not participate in our photo exhibition: “The Backstage of tourism”!

FernWeh - Tourism Review is looking for photographs that go beyond the usual holiday-in-paradise-snaps. Instead we want to visualise the hidden aspects of tourism. What happens behind the curtain on the backstage of the tourist setting?

The transformation/destruction of nature and cultural landscapes through tourism development and the impact of this destruction on the lives of local people is one important aspect.

Another aspect is the questioning of “western” stereotypes concerning “strange / exotic / archaic cultures” (that we typically find i.e. in brochures of the tourism industry). People are often either represented as willing servants for tourists or as an idyllic background for a pristine nature setting. Or they are humiliated by tourists taking pictures of their poverty. Instead, we are looking for photographs that break/ironise these stereotypes.

We are convinced that a closer look behind the staged tourism performance will reveal very different, personal perspectives.

Furthermore, we believe that a focus on “encounter” or “communication” will visualise hierarchies in tourism and how people on both sides cope with situations of uneasiness, insecurity or feelings of inferiority/superiority.

To give you some ideas:

Interesting pictures could be photographs that:

  • Show the strangeness/oddities of tourism settings
  • Show the impact of tourism development on the lives of local people
  • Show the opposition of tourists’ leisure to locals’ work
  • Visualise intercultural encounters that occur in unexpected ways
  • Reflect expectations of “meeting-people” and “making-friends”
  • Show good / poor communication between tourists and locals
  • Reflect cultural ascriptions, ionise the cultural gaze, play with stereotypes
  • Show social hierarchies in tourism (i.e. tourists-locals-immigrants)
  • Illustrate how tourism shapes social hierarchies
  • Show strategies of locals to protect themselves from the behaviour of tourists

All these aspects may likewise be presented in a set of photos, that reveal different perspectives of looking at people, places or situations.

We also invite you to write a story about what happens on the backstage of tourism and visualise it (combination of photo and text).

Please send your photos with a title and a short explanation (i.e. place, idea,...).

Acceptable are prints, slides or digital photos.


  • The best 15-20 photographs will be selected for an exhibition and internet gallery by a team of media and tourism experts.
  • Prizes in cash or photo-equipment for the winning photographers.
  • The 1st prize photographer will be invited to present his/her photo when the exhibition is launched in the summer of 2004.


  • A booklet to document the exhibition will be published.
  • The exhibition will be presented in various countries in Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France)
  • The photos will be for the use of FernWeh/iz3w only, however in case they are sold to other magazines or newspapers we propose to share 50/50 with the photographer.


15th of May, 2004

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