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who we are

FernWeh – Tourism Review...

... is committed to raising awareness and informing about political issues in global tourism.

We are concerned with the increasing social disparities and contradictions resulting from current tourism development. We want to highlight social, ecological and economic aspects in tourism and link them to the context of global power-relations. FernWeh emphasises the connections between culture, racism and tourism and attempts to look behind the staged tourism performance.


The backstage of tourism

FernWeh is currently working on a photo exhibition to visualise the often hidden aspects of tourism. Our objective is to present photographs that go beyond the usual holiday-in-paradise-snaps. The transformation/destruction of nature and cultural landscapes through tourism development and its impact on the lives of local people is one important aspect. Another focus is to show good/poor communication in tourism. What happens on the backstage of the tourist setting?

Trouble in paradise

FernWeh supports the realisation of a short film about the oddities of tourism settings. The short film should visualise intercultural encounters that happen in unexpected ways and question »western« stereotypes about »exotic/archaic cultures«. How do local people cope with the »strange« behaviour of many tourists?


As a member of DANTE (European network for sustainable tourism development) and in cooperation with partner organisations from the south, FernWeh works on current issues of tourism to Third World destinations. We raise the question of social justice in tourism (i.e. working conditions, privatisation & liberalisation, community-based tourism). Together with other DANTE member organisations, FernWeh is organising a NGO-conference with participants from all around the world in preparation for the World Social Forum (Mumbai 2004).


Our Homepage contains analytical texts on global tourism, presents own publications and useful literature. Additionally you will find information about events and links to other organisations. We also publish articles, organise seminars for educational purposes and hold lectures on critical issues in tourism.


... unfair practices ...

Tourism development has generated many conflicts around

the world, which have been increased by neo-liberal policies. Liberalisation of international trade, privatisation and tourism development are mutually dependent and accelerate one another. As a consequence communities and local people lose access to and control over resources, while policy making institutions have kept them out of decision-making processes.

... equitable options ...

A quick run for »sustainable tourism alternatives« carries the danger of superficial implementation. Bringing together people-centred experiences and the analysis of global tourism structures allows a deeper understanding of the impacts of tourism. The search for equitable options includes local people’s involvement in tourism planning and development. ... rethinking the dream-factory ...

Tourism is built on the making of dreams and images. Categories of »Self« and »Other« are not fixed by natural and unchangeable characteristics but are socially constructed. These categories have the power to reinforce social hierarchies and perpetuate social exclusion, discrimination and racism. We question the predominant ways of looking at »strangers«.FernWeh is a project of the »informationszentrum 3. welt« and is co-financed by the Commission of the European Union.


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