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Projects and activities of the iz3w

iz3w - Journal between North and South.

The journal iz3w, which has been published since 1970, is one of the most prominent internationalist magazines in German-speaking countries. By means of background analysis, commentaries and discussions, we deal with political, economic and cultural aspects of these and many other topics. Six times a year, the 52 pages of iz3w are filled with the critical and the subversive, as well as an approximately 20-page thematic focus.


The publicly accessible archive of the iz3w includes more than 200 German and international journals, as well as numerous individual publications.   They are tagged by considerable efforts of volunteers. The archive of iz3w is part of the nationwide Archiv³ (Archive Network). On its website articles and brochures can be researched - with text and keyword queries - and copies can be ordered online.



From the contents of the iz3w, the project creates methodologically diverse educational offers. In tailored offerings, we provide materials, methods and inputs on the topics of globalization, migration, gender, ecology, culture, economy and free trade, tourism and intercultural encounters, racism and exoticism, media, social movements and much more.

For young people, we offer seminars, workshops, school project days, alternative city tours or photography and writing workshops. The educational activities focus on creativity and active participation by the participants. For disseminators, we offer ideas for lesson plans and workshops, materials to download as well as - on demand - the development of educational packages. So far, project days and modules on the topics of human rights, youth and women in war and for peace, life realities in South Africa and climate change policies have been developed


This Internet-based project makes a critical analysis of German colonialism, using Freiburg as an example. It shows how little progress has been made in dealing with and overcoming the colonial legacy and how the consequences of German tyranny are still having an effect in other parts of the world.  This project continuously does research and provides extensive background material. It incorporates new ideas into the discussion about German (post)colonialism and ensures public awareness by means of events and publications.


This project has been involved in a critical view of long-distance tourism since 1998. It includes both package holiday-goers as well as backpack or project tourism. Images, stories and facts about the phenomenon of tourism are presented through educational offers, publications, websites and films.



This English translation was done within the project “Free translation of websites for NGOs and non-profit-making associations”, managed by Mondo Services. Translator: Chafyn Hörnecke